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Conditionally validate form by using ASP.NET validators and JavaScript

It is a common requirement to validate different fields on an ASP.NET form based on different conditions, for instance, if user selects “Other” from a Drop Down List, then he/she will be required to type in something in a TextBox control. It can be done easily in code behind, but can we accomplish the same task at the client side? The answer is yes. We can use ASP.NET validation’s client API to conditionally enable/disable validators. […]

Use jQuery to style ASP.NET GridView

In ASP.NET, the style of GridView is usually controlled either by using a CSS file or by using a skin file and in many cases this works well, but what if we need to style the GridView as follows: Of course it can be done in code behind by looping through the GridView rows and applying different CSS class for each row. It needs at least a “For” loop and a calculation of the reminder […]