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How to move WordPress blog and redirect traffic to a new domain

My old WordPress blog is located at and I would like to move it to the new location at, also I would like to redirect user automatically to the same post on the new site. For example, if user comes to my old site through search engine for a post like this:, I would like to redirect them to my new site as this:, here is how I did it: 1. […]

WordPress 2.9 available with a very useful new feature

WordPress 2.9 is available now. Among the new features it provides, I like the feature that make embedding video in blog much easier. All you need to do is to post the video URL in plain text in your blog and WordPress will take care of the rest. How cool is that? Here is an example:

Generating vCARD file with ASP.NET

It is very easy to generate a vCARD file from an address with ASP.NET so user can later on import the vCARD file to their Outlook Contacts. First, let us take a look at a sample vCARD file. The following vCARD file was generated from Microsoft Outlook 2007: BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:2.1 N;LANGUAGE=en-us:Jeffrey;Jeffrey;;Mr. FN:Mr. Jeffrey Jeffrey ORG:Royal Crown Technologies;Information Technology Department TITLE:Programmer/Analyst III TEL;WORK;VOICE:666-666-6666 ext 666 TEL;HOME;VOICE:666-666-6666 TEL;CELL;VOICE:666-666-6666 TEL;WORK;FAX:666-666-6666 ADR;WORK;PREF:;;Royal Crown Technologies LABEL;WORK;PREF;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:Royal Crown Technologies=0D=0A= P.O. Box […]

Unable to attach to application ‘WebDev.WebServer.EXE’

I was working on an ASP.NET project today, and suddenly this error came up after I click “Debug”: Unable to attach to ‘WebDev.WebServer.EXE’ (PID: xxxx) using ‘ComputerName’. A debugger is already attached. Do you want to continue anyway? If I click Yes, my browser becomes loading forever. The cause I believe is that the built-in ASP.NET development server in Visual Studio is crashed, but somehow the process is still attached to the debugger. I tried […]

New security feature in Microsoft Office 2010 – Protected View

As I mentioned in my previous post, Microsoft Office 2010 introduced many new features to help user to get their work done more quickly and more safely. Protected View is one of the new security features introduced to add another security layer to protect user when working with potentially harmful documents. The basic idea of the Protected View is to provide a sandbox environment to allow user to preview untrusted or potentially harmful documents, so […]

Re-arm Windows 7 90-day trial

You probably already know that Microsoft released a 90-day trial version of Windows 7 Enterprise, which is a full version without any function limitation. After the trial period, you can re-arm the version to another 90 days (so you can use the trial version for a total of 180 days) by taking the following steps: 1. Start->All Programs->Accessories 2. Right-click Command Prompt, then choose Run as administrator 3. Type in slmgr -rearm, then hit Enter 4. Reboot your […]

Quick glance at Microsoft Office 2010 beta

Microsoft released the first public beta of Office 2010 two days ago, within one month after the release of Windows 7. There are some major feature changes from Office 2007 plus some UI changes. For example, Office 2010 has a native 64-bit version that enables user to work on files or databases larger than 2GB. There are also some new security changes in Office 2010 to provide more protection against malicious attacks, for instance, Data […]

Peek, Snap, and Shake: Windows 7 new features

Peek, Snap, and Shake are three interesting, fun, and useful features in Windows 7. Peek If you have multiple windows open, when you move your mouse over the icon of an application at the taskbar, a small thumbnail window will popup to let you peek the actual window before maximizing or switching to it. What is more, when you move your mouse over the thumbnail window, a “X” button will appear at the right top […]

Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 released

Mozilla community released Firefox 3.6 Beta 3, which contains over 80 bug fixes from the last beta release. If you are a Firefox fan, you should give it a try. How to run Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 in Ubuntu? 1. Download the tar package of Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 2. Unzip the tar package to a folder 3. Open the folder, find a file named “firefox” 4. Double click “firefox” to launch Firefox 3.6 Beta […]