Desktop client for blogging

I like to use desktop client software for writing blog posts, and I use Windows Live Writer on my Windows machine and ScribeFire when I am on my Linux machine. I know, ScribeFire is not really a desktop client so to speak, but I can’t find a very good desktop blog client for Linux, so I use this FireFox add-on until I can find a good satisfactory desktop blogging tool for Linux.

One of the features in Windows Live Writer is that it can add a watermark automatically when a picture is inserted in a post. So far, I haven’t seen this feature in any other desktop blogging application. Of course, if you have a good photo editor, you can easily add a watermark on the picture, but isn’t it good if it can be done in one application?

How about you? What desktop client software do you use for blogging? Especially on Linux platform.

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