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Disable individual list items in CheckBoxList

ASP.NET CheckBoxList control has a handy property Enabled that provides a quick and dirty way to enable/disable all the list items in the check box list. When CheckBoxList.Enabled=”False”, all list items will be grayed out and no selection is accepted. But what if we only want to disable some of the list items in the check box list as shown in the screen shot? How to implement this? Option 1 (not a good one): in […]

ASP.NET LinkButton background image with CSS

Here is the style: .LinkButton {   background:url(“imagePath/imageFile.gif”) top left no-repeat;   display:block;  /* Image will not show up without this line   width:32px;  /* change to the actual image width */   height: 32px;  /* change to the actual image height */ } How to use it? Define the LinkButton as follows: <asp:LinkButton ID=”LinkButton1″ runat=”server CssClass=”LinkButton”></asp:LinkButton> To add a hover effect, for example, changing the background image when hovering the mouse over the LinkButton. […]