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Google Chrome vs. FireFox: some interesting things

Have been using Googl Chrome since it was released, and have found some interest things.

First, I have to add “–no-sandbox” option to lauch Chrome, otherwise, I will get an initilization error.

Secondly, it has a lot better memory release mechnism than FireFox and IE. Chrome only used about 96MB of memory with 13 tabs opened, but FireFox used about 142MB of memory with only 9 tabs opened. IE used even more memory. ¬†However, I did notice that periodically Chrome will “freeze up” for a couple seconds and Process Exploer shows that it uses about 50% of CPU resource when it happens, after this, when I switch between opened tabs, there is a slight delay of displaying the content of the page. I am wondering if the high CPU usage and the delay of displaying are caused by the memory release? Do you have the same issue as me?

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