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Generate Random Text in Word 2007

A very handy tip I got via email from Microsoft. On a blank line in a Microsoft Office Word document, type =rand followed by (PC,SC)—where PC stands for paragraph count and SC stands for sentence count—and then press ENTER. For example, =rand(2,3) will create two paragraphs of three sentences each. Word inserts some random text based on your specification. You can use this new text for testing form controls such as text boxes or paragraph […]

[JavaScript] ASP.NET Tooltip Alternative

Tooltip is a very nice feature in ASP.NET for displaying additional information when hovering mouse over an item, but the problem with tooltip is that it will go away after about 2 seconds and you will have to move your mouse away and move back to make it appear again. You don’t have any option to change the duration of the display either. It really irritates me for not being able to keep the tooltip […]

[JavaScript] CheckAll/CheckNone CheckBox in GridView

GridView or DataGrid only allows you to delete one row each time and it becomes inefficient and tedious if there are multiple rows need to be deleted. In this post, I will demo how to add a check box in front of each row and also a check box in the header of the grid to check/uncheck all check boxes, then with a delete button to delete those checked rows in a batch mode. I […]