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Keyboard Shortcut Reference Posters for Visual Studio

When I was searching the Internet for some keyboard shortcuts for Visual Studio 2005, I found that Microsoft already kindly created some FREE keyboard shortcut reference posters for VB, C#, and C++.  Here are the links: Visual Basic 2005 Keyboard Shortcut Reference Poster Visual C# 2005 Keyboard Shortcut Reference Poster Visual C++ 2005 Keyboard Shortcut Reference Poster These posters, however, only list the commonly used keyboard shortcuts for Visual Studio, and a complete list of […]

Fedora Core 8 released

Although I am a developer on Windows platform, mainly with .NET framework, I still try to keep up with what is happening in Linux community. Among all the major Linux distributions, Fedora Core is my favorite, and Ubuntu comes next. One of the reasons that I like Fedora Core is there are many developers supporting it by building many useful applications for this distribution. Another feature of FC that attracts me is that it makes […]