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WordPress 2.3 is out

Just before going to bed, I turned on my computer to check my emails and to check my blog stats, which is my daily routine before the day is out. I noticed that WordPress 2.3 is released. This version is named “Dexter” for the great tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon. I am very excited about this new version, and cannot wait to upgrade my current version. Unfortunately, it’s about mid-night now, and I should be in bed and am afraid that I have to wait until tomorrow when I get to my office to do the upgrade.

Thanks WP folks for your hard work and the greatest blogging software.


I upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.3, and as usual the upgrade process was very easy and smooth. There are many new features in WP 2.3, and Aaron Brazell blogged on 10 Things You Need to Know About WordPress 2.3, it is very helpful.

I did encounter a bug in 2.3: it keeps giving me an error like this:

ERROR; WordPress requires Cookies but your browser does not support them or they are blocked.

The workaround is to comment out line 24, 313, and 314 in wp-login.php file. WordPress developers fixed this bug and will release 2.3.1 soon with some other bug fixes.


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