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Type special symbols in Visual Studio .NET text editor

Have you ever had this problem that you need to type some special symbols in Visual Studio .NET text editor? Such as ©, ®, ±, à, À, and the list goes on. Of course, if you are working on an ASPX file, you can always use the HTML editor and type in their HTML names or HTML numbers, and Visual Studio .NET will automatically convert them to those special symbols (VS 2005 does a much […]

Browser-safe color palette

One of the important tasks when working with Cascade Style Sheet is picking a good color for an item. I always like to assign a color value with the hexadecimal form, but the problem is I can’t memorize those hexadecimal values. Visual Studio .NET IDE has very good intellisense support for creating/editing CSS files, but it only support named colors. What I need is some color palette on-line like this to help my pick a […]

MS SQL Server Agent job failed to run a DTS package

There is a SQL Server Agent job in our server that runs a DTS package to transfer data from one database to another. However, when I checked the job history, I found out the job never ran. The error message that I got from the job history is like this: The job failed. Unable to determine if the owner (<Domain\Account Name>) of job <job name> has server access (reason: Could not obtain information about Windows […]

Missing hard drive space – Windows XP and 2003 Server

Here is the scenario: One day, you found your available hard drive space is very low, so you opened up Windows Explorer and selected all folders under C drive to see the total of the used hard drive space. You subtracted the total used space from the total hard drive space to see how much space you still have. Then you found a big and significant discrepancy between your calculated available space and the free […]

Fighting against spammers: my experiences

Started from June this year, I began to receive about 20 application error notifications every day via email from our church’s web site, which I have developed and have been maintaining ever since, indicating that “A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client (txtAddress=”. Like many other applications involving membership, there is a registration form for church members to register so as to receive member-only services, such as receiving devotionals/newsletters via email, receiving […]