Add Bookmark dialog not working – FireFox

I have had this annoying problem with FireFox for a while: when I try to bookmark a web page, the “Add Bookmark” dialog does not respond after I click “Add”. If I select a different folder to save the bookmark, the “Add Bookmark” dialog will respond but only add the bookmark without a name – a blank bookmark entry pointing to the web page.

I didn’t use FireFox as much as I do now, so it didn’t bother me much then. But now I am using FireFox all the time, and it becomes a real headache. After searching FireFox on-line help, I found some useful information regarding this problem.


The cause of this problem is a corrupt localstore.rdf file in my profile folder.


Exit FireFox completely and then restart FireFox in Safe Mode (Start->All Programs->Mozilla FireFox->Safe Mode). When the Safe Mode window appears, just select the option “Reset toolbars and controls” and click “Make Changes and Restart”. Woo hoo! Everything is back to normal!


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