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Login failed for user ‘…’. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection

Just got my new development computer set up, here is the machine information: Dell PRECISION 380 Workstation CPU: Pentium 4 3.4GHz RAM: 2GB Hard drives: 2 X 250GB with RAID controller Video card: nVidia Quadro FX1400 dual head support with DVI output DVD ROM and DVD-RW ROM Monitor: 2 X Dell 19″ Flat Panel I had been working on it in the past few days to get it set up and to transfer files from […]

Integrate Windows XP SP2 into installation CD

Think about the following scenario: You have a Windows XP installation CD without any service pack, like those old ones, and you download the Service Pack 2 from Microsoft website. Now you want to re-install your computer (you know it is very common with Windows, isn’t it!), what do you do? First, install Windows XP, then install the Service Pack 2. But, have you ever thought about the integration of the Windows XP installation CD […]

Windows users: how to secure your system

Many Windows users don't think much about the security of the Windows system they are using, because most of them have little knowledge of the potential security issues they are facing and think that Windows should handle the security automatically. The reality, however, is that the Windows system out-of-box has many security vulnerabilities which may be exploited by hackers to take control of user's computer to do more harmful things. For example, when you use […]