You probably already know that fingerprint does not provide the maximum security for locking your smartphone, but it is better than PIN or pattern, and it is very convenient especially when you need to unlock your phone quickly. A side note, however, is that fingerprint is NOT protected by the Fifth Amendment, so if you don’t want the law enforcement or the government to peek into your smartphone, then do NOT use fingerprint to unlock your phone. Why? Well, the short answer will be that the Fifth Amendment protects what you know, but does not protect what you have. Biometrics, such as fingerprint and iris, belong to the category of “what you have”, therefore, they fall out of the scope of the Fifth Amendment. If you do use fingerprint to unlock your phone and get pull over by a cop, what do you do? If you have 5 seconds, then either shutdown or restart your phone. When smartphone restarts, it will require you to enter passcode or password first, only then the fingerprint scanner will be enabled. Since passcode or password is protected by the Fifth Amendment, the law enforcement cannot force you to unlock your phone. Back to the […]

Sumsang Galaxy S6 fingerprint scanner finds no match and how ...

I never imaged that Android has blue screen of death until my son handed to me his LG G3 smartphone with a blue screen of death. And after several seconds, the blue screen disappeared and the phone went “dead” and would not respond to any buttons, including long-holding the power button. After I opened up the phone case, take out the battery, and put it back, I was able to turn the phone on, but immediately the same blue screen appeared followed by the same situation with no button responding. I was totally convinced that Android suffers the blue screen of death as well. Before I tell you how I found out the cause and the fix, let me give you another piece of information to help you identify if your LG G3 has the same problem. About two weeks before the blue screen of death incident, my son told me one day that the WIFI on his phone has stopped working: the WIFI service cannot be turned on or cannot stay on for enough time to establish a wireless connection. The mobile data service, however, worked just fine and he could connect to LTE or 4G with no issues. After […]

[Fix] LG G3 blue screen of death and fix

After initially released in July 2016, Pokemon GO quickly became a worldwide phenomenon and was one of the most used mobile games. Due to its popularity, their server was under heavy load and the game occasionally crashed or failed to load. Some updates of the game later broke one of the most useful feature: its built-in tracking feature became useless. Because of the lack of Pokemon tracking, some third-party apps emerged to help users to find Pokemon but later Niantic, the company who developed the game, disabled those apps. Many users were upset by the lack of Pokemon tracking and eventually left the game, and I was one of them. Fortunately, Niantic finally fixed the tracking feature and made it even better, and also introduced daily bonus features to try to get users back. I decided a month ago to give it anther try and I was convinced by the new features so I am back now. If you are one of the users who left the game, I recommend you to give it another try just like I did, and I believe you will like it again. If you have never played Pokemon GO, I urge you to start playing. […]

4 reasons you should play Pokemon GO

Recently I got a new Windows 10 computer at work and tried to open an Visual Studio 2010 project, and then I got a web server error as follows: Configuring Web http://localhost:64886/ for ASP.NET 4.5 failed. You must manually configure this site for ASP.NET 4.5 in order for the site to run correctly. ASP.NET 4.0 has not been registered on the Web server. You need to manually configure your Web server for ASP.NET 4.0 in order for your site to run correctly. Well, this type of error usually means that the IIS web server is installed after the .NET framework is installed, and the simple fix is to run aspnet_regiis.exe command (run as Administrator), but only when I was told by my computer that aspnet_regiis.exe is not supported in Windows 10. It turned out that I need to go through the “Turn Windows features on or off” interface to enable the support of ASP.NET 4.0. Windows 10 hides the interface of additional features by default, in order to access the interface, you need to follow the steps below: 1. Click Windows icon and choose Settings 2. In Settings windows, click Apps & features, then scroll all the way down until […]

You must manually configure this site for ASP.NET 4.5 in ...

Brendan Eich, the inventor of JavaScript and the ex-CEO of Mozilla, got media’s attention again, only this time it is for his new invention: Brave web browser. It is based on the Chromium web browser and it aims to block website trackers and ads. Take a look at the two screenshots of CNN website in Google Chrome and Brave for comparison: CNN website in Google Chrome shows advertisement CNN website in Brave does not have advertisement All the advertisements on CNN website are blocked by Brave along with many trackers, and if you are curious about how many ads are blocked, you can click on the shield icon on the top right corner in Brave to open Bravery Panel as shown below: From the screenshot we can see that there are LOTS of advertisements and trackers on CNN website, but thanks to Brave, all of them are blocked. You can also fine-tune Brave shield setting such as blocking scripts and enable fingerprinting protection.  Since Brave blocks ads and trackers automatically, it not only protects user’s privacy, but also speeds up the loading time of the website. You may ask if Brave blocks all Internet ads, how can publishers and website owners make money? Brave […]

JavaScript inventor and Mozilla ex-CEO creates new Brave web browser

Windows 10 gave me a challenge this morning. When I turned on my computer and went to File Explorer to access a downloaded file, File Explorer hang for a while then just crashed. Maybe it’s just an accident, so I tried again, and it crashed again the same way. Hmm, one more try…crashed. Well, it’s Windows, rebooting is a magic fix for most issues, so I reboot my computer, guess what, it didn’t fix the issue. Now it got my attention and I need to investigate this issue, why File Explorer keeps crashing? It turned out that the culprit is the “Quick access” feature in Windows 10. The night before this happened, I connected my wife’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to to my computer via USB to transfer some large video files (~4GB each) onto my computer, and after the file transfer was completed, I unplugged the phone from my computer without using “Safely remove hardware and eject media”. Somehow the source path to those video files are stored in the Recent files list under Quick access in File Explorer and the Quick access is the default folder in File Explorer, so when the File Explorer is launched, it will try […]

[Fixed] Windows 10 File Explorer Keeps Crashing

Recently I developed a WCF Web service and deployed it to a server with SSL, however, when clients try to add the service reference in their Visual Studio IDE, the endpoint URL address generated in the web.config or app.config file points to a wrong URL address: it points to the internal machine name instead of the production URL address. Because our SSL certificate is registered with the production URL, this wrong endpoint URL address causes the security exception until clients manually change the endpoint address to the correct production URL in the web.config or app.config file. After some research online, I found out that the WSDL file generated by WCF somehow shows the wrong URL address and it is the reason when client retrieves the service information in Visual Studio, the wrong URL gets pulled. I could manually change the WSDL file to have the correct URL address, but it would be a pain in the neck because I would have to remember to make the change every time a new version of the service is deployed. There must be a easier way to it. First, I need to figure out why the WSDL file generates the wrong URL in the first […]

WCF service WSDL shows wrong URL address when using HTTPS

By default, Windows 10 lists all user accounts on the Welcome screen which exposes all usernames, and it is not considered secure. Why it is not secure this way? Because malicious user can create a fake login screen looks like the Windows login screen, and then capture user’s credentials when a legitimate user tries to log in using the fake login screen. You can prevent this from happening by enabling a secure feature in Windows to require user to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete key combination before login, and this key combination will bring up the legitimate Windows login screen to protect user’s credentials. Windows 10 be default disabled this feature and also hid the interface where you can enable it, so you will need to run command to go to the graphic interface. How is how to do it: 1. Click the Windows key on your keyboard then type netplwiz, then right-click on the command and choose Run as administrator, as shown in the screenshot below: 2. Enter your administrator password when prompted, then click Advance tab and then check Require users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, then click OK to exit the window. Now log out so it will become effective. Next time when you try to login, you will be […]

How to enable secure login screen in Windows 10

This SharePoint query error kept me busy for a while because the error message is very generic and useless, so I hope my experience can help someone in the future. When I ran my ASP.NET application to query a specific resource item from a SharePoint list the other day, I got this error message: Cannot complete this action. Please try again. You can see that this error is very generic and it didn’t provide much information about what went wrong, and the stack trace of the error only shows which line caused the problem. Below is a screenshot of my source code. I also stepped into my source code many times but still could not figure out what the root cause of this error, until hours later I suddenly noticed there is a typo in my query string as shown in the following screenshot: As shown above, I missed a “<” in the close tag </Where> for my CamlQuery and the malformatted query caused ExecuteQuery() to fail, but I am surprised it does not give much helpful information of the exception caused by a malformatted query. Anyway, after I fixed the query, the error went away. I hope my experience […]

How to fix SharePoint query error-cannot complete this action please ...

If you are still running Windows 7 or 8.1, you will have about two months to upgrade your OS to Windows 10 free of charge. In July 2015, Microsoft announced that eligible Windows 7 and 8.1 users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free, and this offer will end July 29th, 2016. After the expiration of the offer, if you want to upgrade to Windows 10, you will have to buy a license which costs $119 for the Home edition and $199 for the Pro edition. This free offer is too good to pass, so I strongly recommend you to upgrade your device (PC or mobile) to Windows 10 sooner than later. If you need a step-by-step upgrade instruction, please read my previous post To know more about Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade, visit Enjoy the new Windows 10!

Free Windows 10 upgrade ends soon, get your copy before ...